Workshop 2006

‘Towards an Australian involvement in ITER’

On 11-13 October 2006, the Australian ITER Forum brought together international ITER team-members, Australian industry, research community and government to discuss how Australia can be involved in constructing, operating and using ITER. The workshop was opened by the then Australian Government Chief Scientist, Dr Jim Peacock.

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Workshop Documentation

    • Handbook
    • Presentations
      • Dr D Gambier Overview of the ITER program and current status 6.5M
      • Dr M Hole Fusion energy for future generations: The case for an Australian involvement in the ITER program 35M
      • Dr D Campbell, Key ITER physics issuesf16M
      • Dr M Mori, Status of ITER Technical Activities in Japan 33M
      • Dr B Blackwell, H-1NF: The National Plasma Fusion Research Facility 24M
      • Prof N Sauthoff Status of ITER Technical Activities in the USA 897K
      • Prof B James, Plasma physics at the University of Sydney 44M
      • Dr S Itakura, ITER and the Broader Approach Program 9.7M
      • Dr S Clement-Lorenzo, EU Accompanying Program to ITER 13M
      • Prof R Dewar, Plasma theory and modeling in Australia 5.0M
      • Dr D Fursa, Modeling of electron-atom scattering: benchmark calculations for fusion research 16M
      • Dr A Costley, ITER diagnostics 7.7M
      • Dr J Howard, Australian diagnostics systems and expertise 14M
      • G Whitbourn, Project Management of the OPAL Research Reactor 4.1M
      • Prof LUO Delong, Nuclear fusion programs and ITER related work in China 3.4M
      • Prof S Mattoo, Status of Procurement Packages of India 2.3M
      • Prof A Jackson, The Challenges of Building a Synchrotron Based Facility in Australia 19M
      • Dr M Gasparotto, EU Technology R&D for ITER 42M
      • Prof J O’Connor, ITER-relevant materials research in Australia 23M
      • Dr D Nolan, Welding and surface engineering research at University of Wollongong, and its relevance to fusion energy infrastructure 43M
      • Prof I Cairns, Australian space plasma physics and its relevance to ITER 53M
      • Prof S Vladimirov, Complex plasma research in Australia 40M
      • Prof C Boucher, Canadian Fusion Energy Initiative – A continuation of fusion research in Canada 845K

ITER-Partner, ITER international design team delegates

      • Dr David Campbell (EFDA Field Coordinator for Physics integration, EU)
      • Prof. Pan Chuanhong (Director of the South-Western Institute of
        Physics, Co-leader of CN PT, China)
      • Dr Alan Costley (Leader, ITER Diagnostics Group, ITER International Team, JAEA, Japan)
      • Mr Luo Delong (Deputy Director General of ITER China Office, China)
      • Dr Didier Gambier (European Commission Research Directorate, Head of Energy Unit, EU)
      • Dr Maurizio Gasparotto (EFDA Assoc. Leader for Technology, EU)
      • Mr. Shuichiro ITAKURA (Director, Office of Fusion Energy, MEXT, Japan)
      • Mr Cai Jianing (Director for International Organization and Conference, Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Science and Technology, China)
      • Professor Ned Sauthoff (Director US ITER Project, US)
      • Dr Susana Clement Lorenzo (European Commision, JET, EU)
      • Professor S K Mattoo (Project Director for ITER INDIA Project, India)
      • Dr Masahiro MORI (ITER Project Unit, JAEA, Japan)
      • Dr John How (ITER Design Integration Division)

Distinguished International Scientists

    • Professor Claude Boucher ( Official observer, Canadian Fusion Energy Initiative)
    • Dr Emilia Solano (Laboratorio Nacional de Fusin, CIEMAT)