News & Media Log 2009


Stop Press: (13 November)


Dr Scott Allan has won a prestigious Fusion Research Fellowship to work on high temperature plasma diagnostics at the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) Culham laboratory in Abingdon. Only two such fellowships are awarded each year internationally.

Scott will be involved with the design, construction and testing of a retarding field energy analyser for measurements of the energy of ions in the edge plasma region of the mega amp spherical tokamak (MAST). These measurements will provide a greater understanding of the edge plasma region and help with the design of future tokamaks. Since completing his BSc at Macquarie University, and PhD at The University of Sydney with David McKenzie and Marcela Bilek in 2009, Scott has been working since May this year at Macquarie University on an ARC Linkage Project on remote plasma diagnostics. He commenced his fellowship in late November.


 Media Logs

  • December (PDF)
    1. CPRS not the only way to cut carbon
    2. Call for 50 nuclear electricity stations
    3. Hackers expose climate brawl
    4. Study backs coal over renewables
    5. Hot and bothered
    6. Minds closed to cleanest and greenest energy of all
    7. That Climate Change E-Mail
    8. Thank heavens cap and trade is dead
    9. Climate claims fail science test
    10. Climate lost on a road to nowhere
    11. More bluster than wind power from protectionism
    12. Clean future in nuclear power
    13. A clean and green way to fuel the nation
    14. Scientists ‘crying wolf’ over coral
  • November (PDF)
    1. Government commits to nuclear power
    2. UK to embrace nuclear – Miliband
    3. Mining boss lashes Rudd over ETS
    4. No need to rush as Rudd goes global
    5. Stifling debate
    6. Seeing through hoax of the century
    7. Sceptics create a climate of fear
    8. Mired in climate of confusion
    9. Science is in on climate change sea-level rise: 1.7mm
    10. The unreasoning fearmongers
    11. Technology fuels great debate
    12. From The Times Nuclear alone won?t keep the power flowing
    13. METRICS
  • October (PDF)
    1 Climate Cassandras must be careful
    2 Political cowardice on carbon
    3 Australians warm to nuclear power
    4 Going fission
    5 Nuke fusion ‘could solve energy crisis’
    6 Tax carbon to stop corruption
    7 Peter Beattie warms to nuclear energy
    7-1 India foresees big increase in its nuclear-energy usage
    8 Nuclear energy key to future
    9 Sins of emissions just hot air, says think tank
    10 From Times Online
    11 From The Times
    12 Fossil Fuels? Hidden Cost Is in Billions, Study Says
    13 German Nuclear Plants Get a New Lease
  • July – September (Additional Items) (PDF)
    1 Power vacuum
    2 Chain reaction
    1 A new age of cheap energy approaches
    1. How cutting carbon emissions leads to wasting energy
    2 Aussie nuclear researchers join forces
  • August/September (PDF)
    1. Fielding ‘not sure’ of renewables legislation
    2. We pay as world goes off our coal
    3. Renewable energy legislation to be split from emissions trading scheme
    4. Join the rush to renewable power: greenhouse gas
    5. Nuclear energy – neither a monster nor a panacea
    6. China approves east coast nuclear plant
    7. G20 Final Communique: Energy and climate change
  • July (PDF)
    1. Australia to get new uranium mine
    2. Steve Fielding wants to convince Al Gore he’s wrong
    3. Obama hails ‘historic consensus’ on climate change
    4. Don’t leave sacrifices to us, says India
    5. G8 statement on climate change and environment
    6. Energy white paper is set to shake up the green industry
    7. Poorer Nations Reject a Target on Emission Cut.
  • June (PDF)
    1. Fusion falters under soaring costs
    2. 5 million to boost Australian fusion research plan
    3. Ice shelves stable over six years
    4. Reason clouded by carbon obsession
    5. Climate ball up in the air
    6. Wong’s silent treatment
    7. Climate change is happening ‘here, now’: US report.
  • May (PDF)
    1. Science a slave to expediency
    2. Emissions retreat just so Napoleon
    3. Geology points to dangers ahead
  • April (PDF)
    1. Antarctic ice is growing, not melting away
    2. Hole in ozone layer stopping Antarctica from melting
    3. Chernobyl fallout continues
    4. Climate sceptics ready to storm heaven with earth’s geological history
    5. Cheerleading for zealotry not in the public interest
    6. Kevin Rudd backflip on carbon plan as ETS put on ice for a year
    7. Ian Plimer | May 05, 2009.Article from:The Australian
    8. Icecap science rattles
    9. World’s biggest laser unveiled at National Ignition Facility in California
  • March (PDF)
    1. Solar isn?t a total solution: Tanner
    2. Carbon trade to cost 35,000 jobs: miners
    3. Lasers to create mini sun in hunt for clean energy. Physicists hope to develop the first form of nuclear fusion technology by firing laser beams at a pellet of hydrogen
    4. Consumers beware the costly spin of wind turbines
    5. Cost Works Against Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources in Time of Recession
    6. Companies Earn Big Profits From Free Carbon Credit
    7. Japanese scientists cool on theories
    8. Govt denies ETS threatens regional jobs
    9. Emissions trading scheme hits brick wall
    10. Regional climate change science program opened
    11. Climate fight getting tougher
  • February (PDF)
    1. Emissions trading scheme inquiry odd, says Coalition
    2. Fifty Years of Magnetic Confinement Fusion – A Retrospective, February 2009
    3. Capture carbon
    4. No second thoughts on trading
    5. Emissions scheme faces axe
    6. EPA to act on carbon, finally
    7. Australian Interest in ITER, from the ITER
    8. Nuclear lies are keeping you afraid
    9. Australia represented on the International Fusion Research Council
  • January (PDF)
    1. Clearing the air
    2. Scientists want nuclear future
    3. Govt rejects call to use nuclear power
    4. The end for UK’s biggest energy user as Rio Tinto shuts Anglesey aluminium smelter
    5. UAE in line to become first Arab country with nuclear power
    6. Nuclear the ‘only viable clean power’
    7. Fusion history beyond the fiascos
    8. Germans to invest £20bn in new UK nuclear plants
    9. Far too much hot air
    10.  20pc say nuclear will carry the load
    11. NASA’s James Hansen tells Barack Obama Australia destroying much of life on Earth