News & Media Log 2012

January 2012 – News

1.      Research inflicts more heat on ‘costly and inefficient’ solar

2.      Fukushima evacuees in radioactive housing

3.      Dick Smith warns against investment in ‘cold fusion’ technology

4.      Mystery blue box sank ‘cold fusion’ for Dick Smith

5.      Coral breakthrough offers climate hope


February 2012 – News

1.      Carbon tax ‘alarmism’ doesn’t fit facts, scientists warn

2.      Green power breaking the bank in Germany

3.      Dick Smith slams door on cold fusion ‘invention’

4.      Forget global warming – it’s Cycle 25 we need to worry about (and if NASA scientists are right the Thames be freezing over again)

5.      No Need to Panic About Global Warming

6.      UN panel aims for ‘a future worth choosing

7.      Lawrence Solomon: NASA scientist reverses sunspot prediction, bolstering global cooling theory

8.      SpaceShipOne man, Nobel boffins: DON’T PANIC on global warming

9.      Wendelstein 7-X closes the ring

10.  Core of fusion experiment completed

11.  PW 2012: fusion laser on track for 2012 burn

12.  Study finds coral reef growth thrives in warmer waters

13.  Big wind farms ‘alter climate’, but could be used to control the weather

14.  Warming data show shades of grey

15.  Scientific research drowning in a sea of alarmism

16.  UN’s 2C goal on global warming ‘optimistic’, say French scientists

17.  The Himalayas and nearby peaks have lost no ice in past 10 years, study shows


March 2012 – News

1.      Solar enthusiasm exceeds practicality

2.      Listed geothermal companies have been poor performers

3.      Wet behind the ears on climate

4.      Billions blown away on wind power, says British study

5.      National Academy calls for fusion energy roadmap

6.      Laser fusion nears crucial milestone

7.      Opinion: GUEST COLUMN: Fusion research is a wise investment

8.      Small Nuclear Power Reactors

9.      Bigger Contribution to ITER Erodes Domestic Fusion Program

10.  BOOKENDS – Questions and answers with Francis F. Chen

11.  After Fukushima, there is still only one clean energy option


April 2012 – News

1.        State’s wind farms help debunk a few myths

2.        400 years in the making, felled by bid to be green

3.        Scientists who trade in doubt

4.        We’re likely to be a land of increasingly severe droughts and floods

5.        Cool, wet weather fails to dilute evidence of warming

6.        Energy group urges power sales

7.        Climate scientist warns of heatwave surge

8.        Ballooning cost is blowing in the wind

9.        Global uranium demand expected to skyrocket

10.    Worries at Victorian wind farm after rotor blade snaps

11.    Carbon capture can help industry: CSIRO

12.    UPI: Fukushima “at risk of a new meltdown” — Level of cooling water 29 feet lower than estimated

13.    Licking old fears about renewable energy adoption

14.    CSIRO alarmism more dangerous than Co2


May 2012 – News 

1.          Rising levels of anxiety for future planners

2.          Scientist cools on climate alarmism

3.          Solar shakeout hits even large companies

4.          Landslide Risk at Reservoir Cited in China

5.          A boon to California’s electric vehicle economy

6.          Fukushima’s Legacy Debated

7.          NIF facility fires record laser shot into target chamber

8.          EPA orders air pollution controls for fracked gas wells

9.          Energy strategy void puts us at pricey end of market

10.       Climate alarmists need to cool down

11.       Nuclear Power’s Death Somewhat Exaggerated

12.       Wind farm scam a huge cover-up

13.       Nuclear waste will be stored in Sydney at Lucas Heights

14.       King coal still reigns

15.       Japan is nuclear no more

16.       Geothermal future contingent on subsidies

17.       Natural gas demand rises in Europe as nuclear power declines



June 2012 – News 

1.          Japanese nuclear plants to power up

2.          The risks of dumping nuclear are too great

3.          Climate at its warmest for the past 1000 years

4.          Japan carbon hopes resting on nuclear

5.          Japan nuclear reactors approved for use

6.          Summit striking at wrong goal

7.          Bloggers, scientists claim high moral ground on climate data error

8.          Flawed models making fuzzier climate picture

9.          Europe’s Green Energy Suicide

10.       The most important building in the world

11.       ‘Safer’ nuclear fusion power comes closer to reality

12.       Fusion presents low proliferation risk

13.       Holt Announces Restoration of $76 Million for Fusion Research

14.       TWI awarded major contract

15.       Green power in the red


July 2012 – News

1.          Plasma Fingers Point to the Taming of the Edge Localized Modes

2.          Princeton researchers working at forefront of ‘exascale’ supercomputing

3.          ORNL, Princeton partners in five-year fusion project

4.          Nuclear fusion research aids EUV source breakthrough

5.          Fusion technology leads to high-density microchip etching

6.          Fusion: The Energy of Tomorrow, Today

7.          We need to catch up on clean energy

8.          Coastal flooding may rise 2000-fold

9.          Nuclear waste-burning reactor moves a step closer to reality

10.       The Fukushima report hides behind the cultural curtain

11.       . ‘Trophy Molecule’ Breakthrough May Result in Cleaner, Cooler Nuclear Energy

12.       Shale revolution takes the world back to the future on fossil fuels

13.       First nuclear reactor to go back online since Japan disaster met with protests

14.       National Ignition Facility makes history with record 500 terawatt shot



August 2012 – News

1.          N-plant spill probe ‘seriously flawed’Princeton researchers working at forefront of ‘exascale’ supercomputing

2.          Baby steps prove better path to climate changeNuclear fusion research aids EUV source breakthrough

3.          Japanese anti-nuclear demonstrations grow

4.          Fred Krupp: A New Climate-Change Consensus

5.          I was too optimistic: scientist’s climate fear

6.          ‘Respect the science’ but don’t delve into the academy’s political game-playing too closely

7.          Market reform key to cheaper energy prices

8.          Poised for energy game-changer

9.          Fusion: The quest to recreate the Sun’s power on Earth

10.       ‘Cold fusion’ scientist Martin Fleischmann dead at 85

11.       Z, the diamond-melting machine with lightning veins

12.       Onagawa plant ‘remarkably undamaged,’ says IAEA

13.       SMR firsts and fanfares

14.       Thirst for facts should override myths about water and climate



September 2012 – News 

1.          Ocean power could supply entire cities

2.          Hydrogen storage no longer up in the airJapanese anti-nuclear demonstrations grow

3.          Ice-core warming ‘within bounds’

4.          Siberian thaw unlocks ice-age carbon vault

5.          Laser fusion work wins APS John Dawson Award

6.          900 seconds of stable plasma\

7.          Get big diagnostics out of the way

8.          Japan set to reject nuclear

9.          A Fracking Good Story

10.       Fusion: The quest to recreate the Sun’s power on Earth

11.       PPPL-designed coils arrive in Germany for fusion experiment



October 2012 – News 

1.          Tide of opinion lacks 1000 years of proof

2.          ‘Smart’ gases boost global warming Ice-core warming ‘within bounds’

3.          Where there’s smoke

4.          Ocean power making waves in Australia’s clean energy future

5.          Cheap imports a blow for locals

6.          Sea level fall defies climate warnings

7.          Let nature take its new course: CSIRO

8.          So Far Unfruitful, Fusion Project Faces a Frugal

9.          27th SOFT conference focuses on ITER and beyond

10.       Antarctic ice expands against odds

11.       Call to take nuclear to heart, impose carbon tariffs

12.       Promising New Method Developed to Harness Fusion Power

13.       Update: Fusion Power

14.       A global quest to test the feasibility of fusion

15.       Fusion: Maybe Less Than 30 Years, But This Year Unlikely

16.       Fusion Researchers Gather In San Diego For Energy Conference

17.       So Far Unfruitful, Fusion Project Faces a Frugal Congress