News & Media Log 2015

January 2015 – News

1.       Peter Lee: Ethics and climate change policy

2.       MIT: The future of fusion power

3.       US will stay in ITER

4.       Fossil Fuels Must Stay in Ground to Stop Warming, Scientists Say

5.       U.S. fusion program must have energy mission

6.       Fusion energy is the way of the future

7.       Robotic technology development centre for Fukushima

8.       Cigar Lake output seen at 6-8 million pounds in 2015

9.       Milestone for Barakah 1 containment

10.   Physics World names National Ignition Facility fuel gain top 10 breakthrough of the year

11.   Estimated social cost of climate change not accurate, Stanford scientists say

12.   2014 to Be Hottest Year Ever Measured

13.   Record-breaking 2014 was hottest in modern history: US

14.   Fukushima rice tests ‘radiation free’ first time since disaster

15.   Thorium molten salt reactors to go into production by 2020


February 2015- News

1.       Could a man-made star solve Earth’s energy crisis?

2.       66th Republic Day of INDIA

3.       When you wish upon a star: nuclear fusion and the promise of a brighter tomorrow

4.       Jay Weatherill appoints royal commission to debate SA nuclear industry

5.       Why It’s Taking The U.S. So Long To Make Fusion Energy Work

6.       Let there be light

7.       Tidal power scheme backs UK engineering with turbine work coming to UK

8.       Worry for Solar Projects After End of Tax Credits

9.       Climate Change’s Bottom Line

10.   Cape Bridgewater wind farm operator Pacific Hydro rejects noise study

11.   US targets novel fusion research

12.   US EPA’s Clean Power Plan achievable, study says

13.   US nuclear utilities beat emissions goals

14.   Atucha 2 reaches 100% rated power

15.   Watts Bar 2 gets licensing nod from NRC committee

16.   Terms of Paks project ‘are in order’, says Hungarian prime minister

17.   Japan leading charge for cleaner coal


March 2015 – News

1. Australian BOM under fire – questions about “adjusted” temperatures exploding around the world

2. Liberal and Labor MPs want Canada involved in Royal Commission – (pity about Canada’s nuclear corruption)

3. Giant nuclear project fires industry in Flanders

4. Pump out the volume

5. Magnetic plasma plucking helps control fusion heat bursts

6. Bernard Bigot becomes new ITER director general

7. Gujarat heart for world’s biggest N-fusion reactor

8. Energy transition series – Nuclear fusion: the road from dream to reality is long, very long!

9. South Australia commission starts work

10. Urenco expansion poses no environmental impact, says US NRC

11. Lockheed Martin Eyes Portable Fusion Engines Within Decade

12. The U.S. Will Spend $5 Billion on Energy Research in 2015 – Where Is It Going?

13. Consistent evidence of increasing Antarctic accumulation with warming


April 2015 – News

1. Fossil fuels are not finished, not obsolete, not a bad thing

2. Work starts on Iter central solenoid

3. Could A Giant Magnet Help Power The World?

4. General Atomics Unveiling Giant Magnet for Fusion Reactor

5. India to set up its own mini N-fusion reactor

6. Spectroscopic studies on ITER fusion reactor walls use Andor ICCD camera

7. Tough Questions for ITER’s New Director General, Bernard Bigot

8. Canada-India contract strengthens nuclear ties

9. Put the acid on Great Barrier Reef doomsayers

10. Nuclear waste: Bury nuclear waste down a very deep hole, say scientists

11. Turkish Nuclear Power Plant Project near Sinop receives formal approval by Parliament


May 2015 – News

1. ITER project: Australian physicists enlisted for fusion experiment to help clean energy research

2. Will this huge scientific collaboration solve the world’s energy problem?

3. Argentina-China talks on new nuclear plants

4. Vulnerable grassland birds abandon mating sites near wind turbines

5. Solar could meet California energy demand three to five times over

6. Better battery for storing solar energy?

7. CO2 Solutions Accelerates Pursuit of Commercial Opportunities by Bringing Forward Demonstration Project

8. Turns out the world’s first “clean coal” plant is a backdoor subsidy to oil producers

9. Russian gyrotron successfully tested for Iter

10. Nuclear fusion, the clean power that will take decades to master

11. Handling fusion power

12. Waste emplacement begins at Dounreay disposal vaults

13. Tesla’s home battery research could lead to personal superchargers

14. Russia’s MBIR gets construction licence


June 2015 – News

1. Elon Musk of Tesla Motors stirs media excitement for house- and industrial-scale batteries
2. House panel explores research into nuclear fission and fusion technologies
3. Mini-star being built in France could solve power problems
4. Fusion researchers use Titan supercomputer to burst helium bubbles
5. Fusion energy boost for high-tech Australia
6. Nuclear physics: Pull together for fusion
7. How Do You Contain A Material So Hot It Vaporizes Everything It Touches?
8. SCIENCE: Under new leadership, the long hunt for emission-free fusion energy rumbles on
9. Fabrication Begins for ITER Fusion Reactor Central Solenoid
10. Star Power: Troubled ITER nuclear fusion project looks for new path
11. A little drop will do it: Tiny grains of lithium can dramatically improve the performance of fusion plasmas
12. IEA outlines ‘four pillars’ for success of climate talks
13. IAEA approves ‘fuel bank’ agreements
14. IEA Sees A Bright Future For Solar
15. Nuclear Power in Japan
16. No hiatus in the climate wars


July 2015 – News

1. Scientists propose an enhanced new model of the source of a mysterious barrier to fusion known as the “density limit”

2. X marks the spot: Researchers confirm novel method for controlling plasma rotation to improve fusion performance

3. ITER: on the path to change

4. A ‘mini ice age’ is coming in the next 15 years – Solar activity is predicted to drop by 60 percent in 2030.

5. NuGen acquires land for Moorside project

6. EDF Energy completes safety upgrades at UK plants

7. USA’s first big commercial reactor segmentation completed

8. Austrian nuclear objection undermines right of energy choice

9. Federal Government Wants Big Solar? Here’s A Project

10. Can you actually hear ‘inaudible’ sound?


August 2015 – News

1. Journalists link solar science news to climate—and to the climate controversy

2. Wall Street Journal: “A nuclear renaissance hasn’t materialized”

3. Why did the US abandon a lead in reactor design?

4. Japan restarts first nuclear reactor since Fukushima disaster

5. Researchers simulate helium bubble behavior in fusion reactors

6. Investing in Europe’s bright future in fusion

7. Holding the sun in bottle

8. Japan reactor restart finally puts the country on the road to recovery

9. Keel-laying for new US nuclear ship

10. Enel in talks with EPH over Slovenské Elektrárne stake

11. Disposal beats MOX in US comparison

12. Scientists offer explanation for electron heat loss in fusion plasma

13. Going Nuclear: The Fusion Race Is Heating Up. Will Anyone Cross the Finish Line? (Video)

14. Measuring the National Ignition Facility’s inferno

15. IEA sets out pillars for success at COP21


September 2015 – News
1. Stellarator Wendelstein 7-X: Congratulations from all over the world
2. Dark horse scores a fusion coup
3. The Dayside : Unlimited energy
4. Climate change impacts: The growth of understanding
5. The future of ITER
6. Argentina: from Huemul island fusion fraud to physics fortune
7. The reinvigoration of the Southern Ocean carbon sink
8. The Energy of the Future: The Status of Nuclear Fusion Research and the Role of the IAEA
9. Fusion energy could be the future
10. Research boost for future fusion reactor
11. Britain needs Hinkley Point C, says EDF Energy head
12. Russia-Norway ‘early notification’ protocol signed
13. Nuclear power can address two ‘existential threats’, says former US official
14. Australia’s Largest Commercial Solar Rooftop For Darwin
15. Aqueous Hybrid Ion Battery Inventor Wins $500,000 Prize


October 2015 – News

1. MASSIVE GLOBAL COOLING process discovered as Paris climate deal looms

2. Keeping fusion plasmas hot

3. Ask a Scientist: What’s a superconductor? How does it work?

4. We must make the dream of a nuclear fusion reactor a reality

5. ITER superconductor production nears completion

6. 200km of superconducting cables manufactured for ITER

7. Miranda Devine: Perth electrical engineer’s discovery will change climate change debate

8. The Southern Ocean’s carbon sink gets stronger

9. Scientists push boundaries to find alternative energy

10. Is nuclear fusion about to change our world?

11. Nuclear fusion financially viable in decades claim researchers

12. Falling costs bring fusion power closer to reality

13. Energy: Are fusion reactors ready for prime time?

14. Wisconsin bill aims to overturn nuclear construction ban

15. European approval for UK waste disposal charges

16. Regulator completes safety review of Takahama units


November 2015 – News

1. Testing the thermal tolerance of the fusion reactors of the future

2. Top engineering honour for Head of CCFE

3. Feature: Marking half a century of harnessing star power

4. Iter gets first part of its bioshield

5. Start-Ups Take On Challenge of Nuclear Fusion

6. Fusion power – Stellar work – Research into fusion has gone down a blind alley, but a means of escape may now be at hand

7. Science: Vol. 350 no. 6259 pp. 369-371, DOI: 10.1126/science.350.6259.369, Twisted logic, Daniel Clery

8. L&T supplies first parts of Cryostat for ITER facility

9. Air Liquide awarded a new contract for the ITER project, strengthening its leadership in extreme cryogenics

10. Siemens to work on ITER fusion heating systems

11. IPP enters into cooperation with Australian fusion institute – Australian National University and IPP conclude cooperation agreement

12. Siemens to work on ITER neutral beam injectors

13. Unlimited energy. For everyone. Forever. FUSION (cover Time magazine)

14. NASA Study: Mass Gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet Greater than Losses

15. Energy Fuels expands Arizona uranium holding

16. Russia and Korea extend cooperation in fast research reactor work

17. MHI prepares bid for stake in Areva’s reactor business

18. A new look for magnetic-mirror plasma confinement

19. Climate unpleasantness intensifies again in politics and the media

20. China to own a third of Hinkley Point nuclear power station

21.  Chinese nuclear investment welcomed in UK

22. Steve Koonin publishes another high-visibility climate op-ed

23. UK’s coal plants to be phased out within 10 years


December 2015 – News

1. ITER Press Release 9.11.15


2. ITER Press release 19.11.15

3. Greenland glacier ‘hit from above and below’, sea levels will rise

4. Cheaper green energy crucial to tackling climate change: Bjorn Lomborg

5. Don’t forget long-term fundamental research in energy

6. The first plasma: the Wendelstein 7-X fusion device is now in operation

7. Ukraine moving towards European fusion research

8. Fusion power getting closer, say UK scientists

9. A new fusion collaboration for MIT

10. New deliveries from Russia

11. Max Planck Scientists Announce Fusion Milestone With Startup Of ‘Stellarator’

12. Nuclear fusion in the shadows of clean energy debate

13. Paris Climate Talks: Nuclear Fusion Is The ‘Holy Grail’ Of Clean Energy Technology

14. Vermont Yankee fuel transfer brought forward

15. Swedish repository application accepted for review

16. Kyushu plans further safety enhancements at Sendai