News & Media Log 2016

January 2016 – News
1.  MAST Upgrade’s year in review
2. PPPL physicists simulate innovative method for starting up tokamaks without using a solenoid
3. Won Namkung takes helm of the ITER Council
4. Nuclear industry stands ready to help tackle climate change
5. CGN to build floating reactor
6. World starts up 10, shuts down eight, nuclear reactors in 2015
7. German fusion reactor achieves first plasma
8. Enhanced Southern Ocean marine productivity due to fertilization by giant icebergs
9. ‘Adiabat-shaped’ Pulse Design Improves NIF Implosions
10. 2015 second warmest year on record for U.S.
11. Power sector carbon emissions jumped 3.8 million tonnes in 2015: Pitt & Sherry
12. El Niño effect leads to 2015 being world’s hottest year ever and Australia’s fifth warmest
13. Climate change disaster is biggest threat to global economy in 2016, say experts
14. Global warming ‘delays next ice age by 50,000 years’


February 2016 – News
1. Innovative imaging systems on the Wendelstein 7-X bring steady-state fusion energy closer to reality
2. Livestream: Wendelstein 7-X produces first hydrogen plasma
3. 10 Facts You Should Know About Fusion Energy
4. Amec Foster Wheeler wins ITER maintenance contract
5. Seeing Where Energy Goes May Bring Scientists Closer to Realizing Nuclear Fusion
6. Hope springs eternal for nuclear fusion breakthrough
7. Russian equipment plays vital role in ITER’s thermonuclear reactor
8. Top-5 Achievements at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory in 2015
9. Denmark and Greenland confirm uranium agreements
10. Niger uranium project receives mining permit
11. Ukraine approves investment in South Ukraine plant
12. Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park Progress
13. Green Light For Canberra’s Williamsdale Solar Farm
14. Petawatt laser system passes key milestone
15. Fusion vs fission: clean, green nuclear energy technologies explained
16. China’s experimental fusion reactor maintains superheated hydrogen plasma for 102 seconds


March 2016 – News
1. Nuclear winner: The case for South Australia storing nuclear waste
3. Multi-scale simulations solve a plasma turbulence mystery
4. Engineering the future of fusion
5. Researchers advance understanding of turbulence that drains heat from fusion reactors
6. Building the World’s Largest Fusion Energy Facility
7. This $14-billion machine is set to usher in a new era of nuclear fusion power
8. Fusion energy goal still elusive, despite progress
9. UK government launches SMR competition
10. Reactor vessel in place at Tianwan 4
11. EDF Energy chiefs invited to UK Parliamentary hearing
12. Hualong One joint venture officially launched
13. Reactor vessel delivered for China’s first HTR
15. Experimental Highlights
16. Papers and Presentations
17. The Risks in Hoverboards and Other Lithium-Ion Gadgets
18. Nature spotlights deep skepticism about bioenergy with carbon capture and storage
19. Hundred million degree fluid key to fusion


April 2016 – News
1. Convergence in the temperature response of leaf respiration across biomes and plant functional types
2. The Opinion Pages – What Weather Is the Fault of Climate Change?
3. Why Nuclear Fusion Is Always 30 Years Away
4. China Unveils Plan to Mine the Moon for Helium-3
5. Korea pursues ‘dream energy’ on a ‘Kstar’
6. Fusion for Energy signs €140m contracts
7. Turning point: Reactor manager
8. NATURE CLIMATE CHANGE | LETTER – Drivers of peak warming in a consumption-maximizing world
9. Climate science: Water’s past revisited to predict its future
10. Northern Hemisphere hydroclimate variability over the past twelve centuries
11. ENERGY – Twisting design of fusion reactor is thanks to supercomputers
12. Independent review backs ‘world class’ UK fusion programme
13. Court dismisses appeal against Darlington refurbishment
14. Three more years for USA’s Pilgrim plant
15. Operating licence application submitted for Finnish EPR
16. Nuclear industry needs to improve communication


May 2016 – News

1. The Secretive Billionaire – backed plans to harness fusion

2. Secretary of Energy Moniz Urges Continued Work on ITER Fusion Reactor

3. U.S. should stick with troubled ITER fusion project, secretary of energy recommends

4. US advised to stick with troubled fusion reactor ITER

5. Princeton Plasma Physics Lab Studies Energy Source

6. IPR gives fusion breakthrough to India

7. First materials analysis in Ion Beam Facility

8. ITER costs are pinned down, with caveats

9. UPDATED: Panel backs ITER fusion project’s new schedule, but balks at cost

10. ITER on track

11. Why Nuclear Fusion Reactors Won’t Blow Up

12. Stewart Prager, PPPL Director, Testifies Before U.S. House Subcommittee on Energy

13. Nuclear fusion contributes £84m to UK economy, says report

14. ITER leader faces tough questions, even from relatively supportive U.S. House panel

15. Fusion energy ties Oak Ridge to France

16. Fusion Reactor Still in Works

17. Hearing Shows Bipartisan Support for Fusion Energy

18. Playing catch up: can the stellarator win the race to fusion energy?

19. First two AP1000s move closer to commissioning

20. Summit urges action to preserve US nuclear reactors


June 2016 – News

1. Ronald C. Davidson, 74, pioneer of fusion power

2. Decline of US nuclear industry is accelerating

3. NIF may never ignite, DOE admits

4. Wall Street Journal opinion editors are attacked for deep climate bias

5. Fusion megaproject confirms 5-year delay

6. Fusion megaproject confirms 5-year delay, trims costs

7. Hotter all the way: Lithium wall contains plasma without cooling it

8. U.K.-E.U. fission could harm fusion research

9. IPP in Greifswald as “Landmark in the Land of Ideas”

10. Culham physicists chosen for ITER Science Fellows network

11. Start of scientific experimentation at the Wendelstein 7-X fusion device

12. PPPL dedicates upgraded fusion reactor, a powerful new ‘star on Earth’

13. Takahama units cleared for extended operation

14. Changjiang 2 starts supplying power to grid

15. Vattenfall board approves Forsmark upgrades

16. Federal funding for advanced nuclear technology R&D

17. Hollande renews support for Hinkley Point nuclear reactors


July 2016 – News


1. Sweden abolishes nuclear tax

2. The Nuclear Royal Commission’s spotlight on the need for reform

3. World Nuclear Performance Report 2016

4. The US should remain in the ITER project for now

5. A fieldtrip to ITER, a work-in-progress that will test fusion’s feasibility

6. Momentum JV wins CMA contract to build ITER’s €174m nuclear fusion reactor

7. KEPCO E&C to take part in international reactor project

8. Contract to manage Iter assembly and installation

9. India delivering components for largest fusion energy project

10 MOMENTUM joint venture wins €174m ITER contract

11. NIF quest hobbled from the start

12. Solar and wind power simply don’t work – not here, not anywhere

13. Iran Hopes to Join Project to Produce Nuclear Fusion Power

14. Hyundai Heavy clinches additional ITER component deal

15. Wendelstein stellarator begins upgrades after fusion success

16. Fusion: The next big thing

17. ČEZ requests EIA for new Dukovany units

18. Fourth Ningde unit enters commercial operation

19. Third Barakah reactor vessel in place

20. Panic Hits South Australia: Wind Power Debacle Sends Power Prices Through the Roof


August 2016 – News

1.       Major JT-60SA magnet component arrives in Japan

2.       Hyundai Heavy clinches additional ITER component deal

3.       Close encounters of the MAST kind

4.       Hyundai to Build ITER Vacuum Vessel

5.       Local benefits from Idaho SMR

6.       EPA approval for Mulga Rock

7.       Changjiang 2 enters commercial operation

8.       Fifth Japanese power reactor restarted

9.       Final super modules in place at Summer 2

10.   Preferred site chosen for NuScale SMR

11.   Exelon reaffirms long-term commitment

12.   July 2016 was Earth’s hottest month in recorded history, says Nasa

13.   NIF Experiment Challenges Standard Ionization Models

14.   Britain’s energy dilemma: if not nuclear power, then what?

15.   The Industrial Revolution kick-started global warming much earlier than we realised


September 2016 – News

1. World scientists debate thermonuclear fusion in Prague
2. World’s Largest Fusion Reactor will Harness the Power of the Sun
3. Fusion Has Potential To Meet Global Energy Requirements, Says IAEA’s Amano
4. Iranian sun – A fusion research program nurtured in isolation could blossom as Iran joins the ITER megaproject
5. IAEA Director General Visits ITER Experimental Reactor
6. Iran and Russia celebrate start of Bushehr II
7. Spotlight on localization as South Africa prepares for RFP
8. Low emissions from Canadian uranium mining
9. Ikata 3 back in commercial operation
10. Construction starts on sixth Tianwan unit
11. Scientists convert carbon dioxide, create electricity
12. Interactions between ultrahot plasma contained within fusion facilities and the materials inside those facilities
13. Major next steps for fusion energy based on the spherical tokamak design
14. PPPL and Princeton help lead new fusion energy center
15. First TF coil – “Annie” – arrives at Naka site
16. The significance of seaweed
17. Unprecedented atmospheric behavior disrupts one of Earth’s most regular climate cycles
18. Biofuels increase, rather than decrease, heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions


October 2016 – News
1. Requiem for a failed electricity system
2. South Australian blackout: When the lights go out, it’s a sign the electricity grid isn’t working well
3. Director forced to step down after Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory reactor fails
4. Nature – Flagship U.S. Fusion Reactor Breaks Down
5. EU reaffirms support for ‘challenging’ fusion project
6. Director of U.S. fusion lab steps downs as researchers struggle to repair flagship machine
7. Future of fusion
8. Nuclear fusion reactor ITER’s construction accelerates as cost estimate swells
9. Momentum builds on world’s biggest fusion reactor
10. Large volumes of data from ITER successfully transferred to Japan at unprecedented speeds
11. Australia Gets Opportunity To Work On Fusion Project
12. Australian experts provide star power to global fusion energy project ITER
13. High-intensity fusion – MIT’s Alcator C-Mod nuclear reactor winds down — and defines its legacy on its final run
14. Igniting a star on earth for energy
15. Iter transformer in place as materials tests continue
16. Grid connection for Pakistan’s fourth reactor
17. Haiyang 1 pumps operated at full-power
18. Contract for nuclear islands of Xudabao Phase I
19. The Guardian’s ‘100 months to save the planet’ was always just a fantasy
20. Press release: Final contracts signed for Hinkley Point C


November 2016 – News

1. We shouldn’t pin our hopes on battery power
2. Worldwide renewable electricity generation is surging
3. MIT nuclear fusion record marks latest step towards unlimited clean energy
4. THE ULTIMATE GREEN ENERGY The world’s biggest nuclear fusion experiment may lead to endless clean energy
5. Laboratory News
6. Cooperation with ITER mutually beneficial: Iran’s Kamalvandi
7. South Australia government responds to Royal Commission
8. Bellefonte buyer to complete plant
9. Chernobyl arch moved into place in historic engineering feat
10. Russia’s Atomtechenergo gets licence for Belarus plant
11. Discussions to continue on South Australian waste disposal
12. US DOE sells depleted uranium for laser enrichment
13. Japan-India nuclear cooperation agreement signed
14. IAEA considers Atmea 1 design ‘seismically robust’
15. Major advance in solar cells made from cheap, easy-to-use perovskite
16. Turning biofuel waste into wealth in a single step
17. New perovskite solar cell design could outperform existing commercial technologies


December 2016 – News
1. Land’s complex role in climate change
2. The carbon cycle in a changing climate
3. Ocean spray: An outsized influence on weather and climate
4. Brexit’s nuclear fallout: 3,000 cubic metres of Oxfordshire waste
5. Iter targets first plasma for 2025: Russians offer technical improvement
6. Peter Thiel’s Other Hobby is Nuclear Fusion
7. New schedule agreed for Iter fusion project
8. Swiss reject rapid nuclear phase out
9. Have carbon emissions peaked?
10. Special Report: Advancing fusion research in Finland
11. After 60 years, is nuclear fusion poised to deliver?
12. Post-Brexit business as usual at JET
13. Fusion energy: A time of transition and potential
14. Fusion reactor that employs liquid metal shower
15. Japanese reactor resumes operation after periodic inspection
16. Small reactors for heat and power in Russia
17. Pakistan’s Chashma 3 completes acceptance test