Australian ITER Forum

The Australian ITER Forum is a collection of scientists and engineers from multiple research disciplines supporting a mission oriented goal of controlled fusion as an energy source


  • To promote an Australian involvement in ITER and articulate the benefits to Australia
  • To promote the science of fusion energy.
  • To advance the recognition of fusion science and plasma physics in the wider scientific community.

Areas of Active Research Collaboration

Member Location Research Area
University of Sydney Sydney
  • Quasi-toroidal pulsed cathodic arc
  • Plasma theory/ diagnostics
Australian National University Canberra
  • H-1 National Facility
  • Plasma theory program
University of Newcastle Newcastle
  • High heat flux alloys
  • Testing first wall materials using 10keV D and He bombardment
Curtin University of Technology Perth
  • Electrons, positrons, or photon scattering from atoms and ions
 Macquarie University Sydney
  • Laser-based time-resolved plasma spectoscopy
  • Computer modelling of plasma kinetics, MHD
University of Wollongong Wollongong
  • Metallurgy
  • Welding
  • Surface engineering
ANSTO Sydney
  • Manages OPAL research reactor
  • ~1000 staff


  • Australian and New Zealand University and ANSTO Membership