News & Media Log 2013

January 2013 – News

1.       Modern Don Quixote tilts at wind turbines

2.       China starts building new nuclear plant

3.       Last chance to protest before the EU snuffs out thorium energy in Europe

4.       Blow to big wind in the power-market stakes

5.       The great heatwave of 2013

6.       Going cool on heat predictions

7.       China moving to thorium as safe nuclear fuel

8.       Nuclear fusion scientists make breakthrough

9.       PPPL teams with South Korea on the forerunner of a commercial fusion power station

10.   First electricity flows from Ningde nuclear plant

11.   Argentine reactor moves into commissioning

12.   Sea rise ‘not linked to warming’, says report

13.   Nature News

14.   2013: High performance, high temperatures and high spirits!

15.   New computer cluster for European fusion research

February 2013 – News

1. Scientists split on rate of sea-level rise

2. A rising tide of discord

3. Rising uncertainty about sea level increases

4. Vinci leads €300 million fusion reactor contract

5. Talks to start on sale of uranium to India

6. Climate results validate sceptics

7. Crisis in Europe carbon market

8. Today’s global warming is well within historic range

9. Study resets climate debate

10. James Lovelock praises nuclear

11. Chernobyl roof collapse sparks contamination fears

12. Work Starts on $410-million Contract for Experimental Fusion Reactor

13. Roadmap and challenges to a magnetic fusion power plant

14. Bridging the gap

15. ATURE NEWS BLOG External review reaffirms hurdles for nuclear-fusion superlaser

16. Reactor vessel installed at Yangjiang 2

17. Trillion-euro cost of German energy transition

18. Science to ‘win’ on climate

March 2013 – News

1. Report shows UN admitting solar activity may play significant role in global warming

2. ITER gets off the ground

3. Why the world isn’t running out of oil

4. Nuclear demand set to grow

5. Fukushima plant ‘set to collapse’ from another quake or tsunami

6. Australian climate is on steroids: expert

7. Long and cold dawn of the nuclear age

8. Carbon capture in Antarctica

9. Martin Ferguson says nation will have choice to make

10. Jump in CO2 deals blow to limiting global warming to 1.2C

11. iter newsline

12. Cooperation on fusion energy

13. Lawson’s three criteria

14. Bridging the gap

15. Uranium gets a run for its money

April 2013 – News

1. UK nuclear power station given green light

2. Nuclear fusion is the ‘perfect energy source’

3. This reactor withstands temperatures up to 20 times hotter than the Sun

4. Rosatom helping to build groundbreaking reactor

5. Bulgarians vote yes on nuclear power plant referendum

6. Removing tiles for analysis

7. Twenty-year hiatus in rising temperatures has climate scientists puzzled

8. Nuclear demand set to grow

9. Riddle of Antarctic sea ice explained

10. Going cool on warming alarmism

11. Last summer was not actually angrier than other summers

12. Wrong way, go back

13. Miners seek radioactive rethink

14. Obama’s 2014 Science Budget: Research Gets Some Help, and Hurt

15. Japan Turns from Nuclear Fission to Nuclear Fusion

16. A Challenge to America: Develop Fusion Power Within a Decade

May 2013 – News

1. One giant leap for mankind: £13bn Iter project makes breakthrough in the quest for nuclear fusion, a solution to climate change and an age of clean, cheap energy

2. Glacial sea rises ‘not so severe’, according to new modelling

3. Economic reality a wake-up call for the green dreamers

4. European collaboration lays foundations for Japanese tokamak

5. Nuclear fusion is the ‘perfect energy source’

6. Harrison H. Schmitt and William Happer: In Defense of Carbon Dioxide

7. How is atmospheric CO2 measured in the Southern Hemisphere?

8. Trust us, we’re climate scientists: the case for the IPCC

9. Fusion Scientists See Promise Where Obama Shows No Ardor

June / July 2013 – News

1. Heat going out of global temperature rises

2. Harvesting forests to reduce fossil fuels the next big boondoggle

3. Study reveals biofuels no substitute

4. Solar price rise to end power divide

5. Rooftop solar panels help to generate problems as well as power

6. Atomic Power’s Green Light or Red Flag

7. Winds of change blowing through UK energy as world’s biggest offshore wind farm opens

8. Our lights will stay on – but it will cost us a fortune

9. Atkins’ Consortium Completes A Million Man-Hours On ITER Nuclear Fusion Project

10. iter Newsline

11. Why Fusion Is No Joke

12. Switching on a glowing idea

13. Europe’s JET Set Ponders Future of World’s Largest Fusion Reactor

14. JET celebrates JET – and ITER

15. Inside The Most Expensive Science Experiment Ever

16. Search goes on for a perfect power supply

17. Fusion: the ‘great gamble’ we have to take

18. Fukushima disaster has not raised cancer risks, says UN

19. Fusion program at MIT is ending

20. Dark clouds over the solar panels

21. Crunch time as UK faces battle to keep the lights on

August 2013 – News

1. Drinking water ‘safe from fracking’
2. Global warming ‘hidden’ as oceans soak up more heat: scientists
3. Competitive markets key to our energy security
4. Nuclear power ‘would save about $150bn’
5. Down go our carbon emissions
6. National Ignition Facility faces an uncertain future
7. Europe pulls the plug on its green future
8. Radioactive leak at Fukushima
9. Confidence Grows in ITER Fusion Project
10. ‘Critical phase’ for Iter fusion dream
11. Nuclear fusion now a viable energy source, claims scientist
12. German energy giants pull plug on coal, nuclear
13. Japan Turns from Nuclear Fission to Nuclear Fusion
14. The future China chooses will dictate the future of the planet

September 2013 – News

1. Grave warning over reactor leak
2. Use sea as nuclear sink, says Tokyo
3. Japan to spend $470M on ‘ice wall’
4. Oettinger aims to get ITER back on track
5. Chinese-UK agreements will advance drive towards fusion power
6. Don’t give up on nuclear energy yet
7. From doughnuts to bananas
8. Ministers Reaffirm the Importance of ITER for the World’s Future Energy Needs
9. Japan and the Fate of Nuclear Power
10. Experts agree on Pacific solution
11. Carbon tax on ice, climate science left to deal with pause in proceedings
12. We got it wrong on warming, says IPCC
13. UN’s mild climate change message will be lost in alarmist translation
14. Barakah 2 under way

October 2013 – News

1. Climate consensus ‘skewing’ science
2. Consensus distorts the climate picture
3. Hardly any experts doubt human-caused climate change
4. Don’t sweat fickleness, it’s sun’s fault or something in the water
5. Fusion: the optimist’s choice
6. Tide turning on climate change
7. Profitable path to sustainability
8. Science solid on global warming, IPCC declares
9. Fukushima Watch: Japan to Cooperate with IAEA on Public Communication
10. Tepco Finds New Tank Leak at Fukushima Dai-Ichi Atomic Station
11. A climate of contention
12. The world is warming but there’s no need to panic
13. We must harness the power of the sun
14. Last artificial star in tokamak MAST before major upgrade
15. iter newsline
16. Global warming believers are feeling the heat
17. Nuclear fusion milestone passed at US lab
18. Time for a rethink on energy
19. Forget scaremongering, uranium will be like iron ore on steroids
20. World powers back hotter-than-the-sun reactor
21. ITER keeps eye on prize

November 2013 – News

1. Offshore power all at sea on price
2. The great climate fiction
3. Since 1900, everything is better, even the climate
4. News Summary: Vietnam Presses Nuclear Plans
5. Strike price deal for Hinkley Point C
6. Record winter ice cover in Antarctica
7. ‘People, not climate’ blamed for natural disasters
8. Bushfires raise temperature of climate row
9. Greenland drops uranium mining ban
10. Dispute over relevance of falling solar activity
11. Lawrence Solomon: A global cooling consensus
12. Implications for climate models of their disagreement with observations
13. Hot News: Fusion Researchers Recommend ITER Design Tweaks
14. The Promise of Fusion is Real, If it’s Properly Funded
15. Largest European Iter contract so far
16. Nuclear option tests the ideology of true believers in climate change
17. We must be open to climate views
18. Burnout is no cause for alarm
19. Nuclear ‘the only realistic solution’
20. Germany Reinvents the Energy Crisis
21. Indian scientists participate in global nuclear fusion project
22. GMT Japan slashes climate reduction target amid nuclear shutdown
23. Nuclear power could be answer for clean energy: Pranab Mukherjee

December 2013 – News

1. Fuel-rod removal puts nuclear clean-up at most critical stage
2. Greens quiet on nuclear support
3. Heat ‘not undermining Greenland’s ice sheet’
4. China passes EU in carbon pollution
5. EUROPE MARKETS – U.K. Offshore Wind Energy a Turnoff for Investors
6. Answer to carbon conundrum is beneath our feet
7. Let’s get real: nuclear is the only option
8. Construction starts of Iter Tokamak complex
9. In the Face of Fracking: Nuclear Fusion
10. Fusion reactor achieves tenfold increase in plasma confinement time
11. Environmentalists Split Over Need For Nuclear Power
12. NuScale SMR wins second DoE funding round
13. Fuel rod removal: Fukushima’s most dangerous operation yields first successes
14. Haiti switches on to solar power as sustainable electricity solution
15. Warren Buffett shows wind power rivals coal
16. Unique industry-academia networks in industrial biotechnology and bioenergy launched