News & Media Log 2017

January 2017 – News

1. China one step closer to harnessing clean, limitless energy from nuclear fusion
2. China fires up Hineg generator in Hefei city with goal of making world’s strongest neutron beam using nuclear fusion technology
3. Financial crisis brings meltdown in Toshiba’s nuclear power plans
4. First plasma for WEST fusion reactor
5. Tokamak is ready to test ITER’s internal components
8. First Hualong One dome takes shape
9. Construction milestones at new Chinese units
10. OPG submits geologic repository studies
11. China agrees further Russian fuel reloads for fast reactor
12. Worldwide nuclear capacity continues to grow in 2016
13. END OF BATTERIES: Huge breakthrough means you’ll be able to charge your phone in SECONDS
14. China Aims to Spend at Least $360 Billion on Renewable Energy by 2020
15. Wales’ first solar village just got its first tenants
16. Stellarator to be New Face of Fusion Reactors? Physicists Test Magnetic Field Potential
17. Shattering fusion records during the last months of 2016
18. Top 10 PPPL stories that you shouldn’t miss
19. A new twist on fusion power could help bring limitless clean energy


February 2017 – News

1. Indian scientists exploiting healing powers of plasma
2. Has Metallic Hydrogen Been Achieved For The First Time?
3. NRG begins testing special steel for Iter
4. 5 Ground-breaking High-Tech Projects Underway in Rural France
5. A fusion fly-over
6. Hot topic: the future of fusion
7. Special Report: Technology & Society – Five technologies that will change how we live
8. Is Fusion Energy in Our Future?
9. Method for designing fusion experiments improved
10. Positive future for nuclear, Amano tells summit
11. Waste shipments to WIPP expected to resume soon
12. NuGen welcomes PM ‘commitment’ to Moorside
13. Poroshenko: Ukraine increasing nuclear share to 60%
14. EU, IAEA agree to bolster cooperation
15. US consortium calls for public-private SMR support
16. Europe to Lead Research Project for Energy Storage in Molten Silicon


March 2017 – News

2. New England Wire Technologies Helps U.S. Complete Major Magnet Delivery
3. Here’s What Actually Happens in a Nuclear Fusion Reactor
4. Tecnalia involved in the characterization of materials and prototypes for ITER
5. How Can We Get Cheap, Clean Power From Nuclear Fusion?
6. The ups and downs of the ocean’s carbon sink
7. Rising heat content of Earth’s oceans
8. ORNL study examines tungsten in extreme environments to improve fusion materials
9. New feedback system could allow greater control over fusion plasma
10. US toroidal field conductors delivered for Iter
11. Survey under way of Fukushima Daiichi 1 vessel
12. Energy sector emissions maintained for third year
13. Fourth Yangjiang unit enters commercial operation
14. Iran starts building unit 2 of Bushehr plant
15. Feasibility study for Saudi Arabian HTGR project
16. Experimental Highlights – Laser-Driven Magnetic Fields Could Boost NIF Implosions
17. MAST Upgrade: fitting the last piece of the puzzle
18. No sleep during the JET shutdown
19. Culham leading development of international mechanical testing standards


April 2017 – News

1. The World’s biggest active nuclear fusion project could lose EU funding just as it gears up for its grand finale
2. A Dream of Clean Energy at a Very High Price
3. Uneven progress on achieving access to sustainable energy for all
4. Making carbon capture and storage more attractive
5. ANU will work with Chinese scientists on fusion energy
6. Nuclear needed for Europe’s clean energy transition
7. Fusion energy and the UK’s industrial strategy
8. Russia starts pre-commissioning Leningrad II unit 1
9. Civil construction completed at fifth Hongyanhe unit
10. Researchers Uncover Potential New Realm in Laser-driven Science
11. Next-Generation NIF Optics Boost Energy and Limit Damage
12. Discovery of a source of fast magnetic reconnection


May 2017 – News

1. The British reality TV star building a fusion reactor
2. A step closer to LIMITLESS energy: UK’s latest nuclear fusion reactor could supply the grid with clean power by 2030
3. £21 million investment for MAST Upgrade
4. A Strategic Plan for U.S. Burning Plasma Research
5. Big Data to support Bruce Power operations
6. Russia set to launch TUK-1410 used fuel cask
7. IAEA notes upgrades to Turkish research reactor
8. NuScale commissions second SMR simulator
9. Long-term vision for Chalk River
10. Prestigious fellowship to solve burning issues in fusion energy
11. ANU works with China and other superpowers on fusion energy
12. South Korea completes plasma chamber tool for Iter
13. First Iter plasma chamber tool ready for shipment
14. First Hualong One unit at Fuqing takes shape
15. Replacement steam generators arrive at Cruas 1
16. European consortium completes first Iter magnet
17. Efficiency Improvements
18. Ignition: Improving Efficiency with Low-Fill Hohlraums


June and July 2017 – News

1. US academic fusion researchers sound alarm
2. Three Not Such Well-known Aspects of Solar Power and Climate Change
3. Fusion in benefits: How fusion power is driving cryogenic tank demand
4. The return of the stellarator: Wibbly-wobbly magnetic fusion stuff
5. Inside the SPIDER facility, preparing for nuclear fusion tests
6. U.S.-China collaboration makes excellent start in optimizing lithium to control fusion plasmas
7. Fusion as an energy source: the ITER project is back on track
8. Deceleration of runaway electrons paves the way for fusion power
9. Predhiman Krishan Kaw, father of India’s nuclear fusion, dies
10. Carbon-Free Nuclear Fusion Is Coming, if It Survives Trump’s Budget Cuts
11. UK affirms commitment to JET
12. Fusion’s waste-heat problem
13. A machine that tries to do it all
14. China achieves major breakthrough in ‘artificial sun’ reactor
15. Brexit threatens Britain’s place at the nuclear top table
16. Chinese University partners with Japan to build fusion reactor
17. UK needs more nuclear for low-carbon future, says National Grid
18. USA to launch advanced manufacturing centre

August 2017 – News

1. Validating the best welding techniques to deliver ITER Test Blanket Modules
2. Let’s build the big lid of the Tokamak bioshield
3. F4E moves ahead with ITER’s Divertor Inner Vertical Target pre-qualification programme
4. Success for ITER camera tests
5. Updated computer code improves prediction of energetic particle motion in plasma experiments
6. PPPL researchers perform first basic-physics simulation of the impact of recycled atoms on plasma turbulence
7. India awards contract for fast reactor fuel cycle facility
8. Nuclear capacity could more than double by 2050, says IAEA
9. Holtec clear to start testing ISF2 at Chernobyl
10. PPPL delivers new key components to help power a fusion energy experiment
11. Fusion heating gets a boost
12. Perfecting the Spider’s Art to Support NIF Targets
13. Ukraine to maintain nuclear’s share of electricity
14. Last part of Fukushima ice wall being frozen
15. Fuel loading underway at Tianwan 3
16. Stakeholders show interest in Canadian small reactor plans

September 2017 – News

1. Fusion energy pushed back beyond 2050
2. MIT Achieves Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion
3. Google’s Nuclear Fusion Project Is Paying Off
4. The US, China and Russia are working on a fusion project which could transform energy
5. The Nuclear Tech Breakthrough That Could Make Oil Obsolete
6. Physicists propose new way to stabilize next-generation fusion plasmas
7. Rosatom head visits Iter, latest equipment batch sent
8. Australia becomes active member of GIF
9. Komarov explains nuclear’s role in energy mix
10. China’s 37th reactor enters commercial operation
11. Jobs for two centuries in nuclear
12. JT-60SA cryostat vessel body manufacturing and pre-assembly completed
13. Europe delivers to ITER the first cryopump
14. F4E Director strengthens ties with Chinese ITER colleagues

October 2017 – News

1. PPPL and General Atomics team up to make TRANSP code widely available
2. How machine learning can predict and prevent disruptions in reactors
3. Wendelstein 7-X: Second round of experimentation started
First plasmas in the upgraded device / “It’s now getting exciting”, says Project Head Thomas Klinger
4. Research led by PPPL provides reassurance that heat flux will be manageable in ITER
5. PPPL physicist Francesca Poli named ITER Scientist Fellow
6. Science & Technology
7. HAPLS Featured in Optics & Photonics News
8. Pressure vessel in place at Karachi 2
9. Robot deployed into Magnox Swarf Storage Silo
10. South Korea’s AP1400 clear for European export
11. Milestones for Vogtle construction
12. EDF on track with Flamanville performance testing
13. Olkiluoto 3 commercial operation rescheduled
14. Elon Musk’s big battery for South Australia already half complete

November 2017 – News

1. The hidden mechanics of magnetic field reconnection, a key factor in solar storms and fusion energy reactors
2. How machine learning can predict and prevent disruptions in reactors
3. The ITER Project: Future of Endless Clean Energy?
4. Thomas Morgan To Lead Work Package On Liquid Metal Divertors
5. Is Infinite Clean Energy Near?
6. Fusion Energy: How Scientists Are Creating Plasma Hotter Than The Sun In Quest For Limitless Clean Energy
7. Contact
8. The blob that ate the tokamak: Physicists gain understanding of how bubbles at the edge of plasmas can drain heat and reduce fusion reaction efficiency
9. Plasma physics – The Tao of Q
10. Measuring Material Changes During Shock Compression
11. Plasma Optic Combines NIF Lasers into ‘Superbeam’
12. Press Statements – Issued by the World Nuclear Association
13. Germany to miss 2020 carbon dioxide emissions target because of nuclear closure policy
14. Exascale Computing to help accelerate drive for clean fusion energy

December 2017 – News

1. A fusion future
2. Channeling helium: Researchers take next step toward fusion energy
3. Optimism in Bonn about fusion reactor, despite Brexit
4. ITER Prepares the Replacement of Fossil Fuels
5. Picture perfect!
6. Max-Planck-Princeton partnership in fusion research confirmed
7. Planning for the manufacturing of ITER’s first wall panels
8. Lithium Loops May Lead To Fusion Technology
9. Potential new tech innovations can combat climate change
10. Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong Attends Opening Ceremony of 10th Anniversary of ITER-Retrospect and Prospect
11. Fusion for Energy’s 10th Anniversary: 10 years o0f EU Support for ITER’s Success
12. Episode 4 – The Sun
13. ITER nuclear fusion project hails halfway construction milestone, eyes ‘first plasma’ in 2025
14. Part of the world’s most advanced nuclear fusion project to be located in Croatia?
15. $20 billion ITER fusion facility reaches halfway point for construction in France
16. Nuclear fusion research centre gets £86m from government
17. Thermonuclear Fusion: How Scientists Hope to Extract Energy of Stars on Earth
18. ITER fusion project passes construction milestone
19. Russia completes reactor assembly of Rostov 4
20. Finnish cities consider SMRs for district heating
21. Kansai applies for key restart checks at Mihama unit