News & Media Log 2011

December (PDF)
1. UK ‘complacent’ on nuclear future
2. Progress, peril, at Fukushima nuclear plant
3. Nuclear energy back from the dead after Fukushima
4. Freak weather a certainty, but IPCC report less sure on why
5. Great barrier relief: corals are tougher than expected
6. Climate change effects unknown: IPCC report
7. Test of climate politics
8. Fresh round of hacked climate science emails leaked online
9. Safety reviews, not shutdowns, are ordered in the wake of Fukushima
10. Energy future lurks where sun don’t shine
11. Rational approach on climate
12.Climate forecasts ‘exaggerated’: Science journal
13. Climate change science highlights uncertainties
14.Anthony Pratt seeks $300m from government to flick switch on waste-to-power scheme
15.Europe’s $287bn carbon ‘waste’: UBS report
16. Greenhouse gases rise to record high
17.”Record-setting” global warming change in Arctic
18. Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Crisis
19.Replacing fossil fuels with solar would add to strain, report warns
20.China talks the talk but climate deal hopes fade
21.Blocked sea-level research probed
22.GFC’s emissions effect at an end
23.UN chief doubts comprehensive climate deal likely
24. Big Oil Heads Back Home

November (PDF)
1. UK public confidence in nuclear remains steady despite Fukushima
2. Green capitalists hijack carbon agenda and we will end up paying
3. Be prudent with climate claims
4. Why experts refuse to debate climate science
5. Geoffrey Blainey speaks to science’s fallibility
6. IPCC warming assessments attract the activists and snub the sceptics
7. Climate change ‘will boost disasters’: UN report
8. Climate sceptic Richard Muller won over by warming
9. ‘Fission’ sets back nuclear effort
10. Nuclear backup for renewables

October (PDF)
1. Nuclear plans persist despite Fukushima
2. Fukushima’s radioactive sea contamination lingers
3. Flawed Green Scheme Costs Households £120 In Energy Bills
4. UK joins laser nuclear fusion project
5. Project Status – 2011
6. Power generation: Energy plans require PR and fat purses
7. Chinese sceptics see global warming as US conspiracy
8. Iran reactor disaster warning from whistleblower
9. German anger at Polish nuclear plant on border
10. European parliament supports separate ITER nuclear fusion budget

 August (PDF)
1. Research says reef can fight warming
2. Sea-level rises are slowing, tidal gauge records show
3. Man-made pollution reflects sun
4. Paralysed by our anti-nuclear hysteria
5. Unproven technologies a poor power option
6. Forests ‘the key to reducing carbon emissions’
7. Sceptical Greens reject CSG ‘quick fix’
8. Methane rise blocked by less irrigation, more natural gas
9. Coal-seam gas better for the atmosphere, but it’s not a cure-all

July (PDF)
1. Japan nuke crisis ‘twice as bad’
2. Wesfarmers wants urgent overhaul of energy regulation
3. Britain’s carbon target in doubt
4. Nuclear power debate a ‘live debate within the Labor Party’, says Martin Ferguson
5. Noise level blow for wind farm
6. Japan looks to restart reactors
7. Design Flaw Fueled Nuclear Disaster
8. TEPCO takes step forward in battle to cool reactors
9. Phase-Out Hurdle
10. The final straw in nuclear beef fear
11. Japanese reactors finally stable
12. More picking winners as Greens block bioenergy
13. Wanted: carbon goes to ground
14. Generators will be caught short by carbon price
15. Japan PM to reveal nuclear phase-out

June (PDF)
1. Germany to shut all nuclear reactors
2. Merkel:German Nuclear Exit Gradual; 2022 Irreversible End-date
3. CSIRO calls for end to uncertain future for electricity in Australia
4. Coal-seam gas means jobs, money and less emissions
5. U-turn puts Germany ahead of race
6. Knee-jerk reaction as nuclear hysteria engulfs German society

May (PDF)
1. We can’t afford to kill off reactors
2. We must promote nuclear safety
3. Nuclear power should be an option in any carbon debate
4. Greens Israel boycott bad for environment
5. ‘Greenie’ backing for uranium
6. Wasting money on climate change betrays sick
7. Ferguson blasts WA Labor over uranium
8. Summer of disaster ‘not climate change’: Rajendra Pachauri
9. We emit less CO2 than Combet gives us credit for

April (PDF)
1. Partial meltdown’ at crippled Fukushima nuclear plant
2. Japan mulls closure of Fukushima nuclear plant
3. Fukushima Nuclear Accident Update Log
4. Time to sell uranium to India
5. Nuclear scaremongers inflate risks
6. Bodies found as nuclear plant leak poisons ocean
7. Facing a climate of uncertainty
8. Blast rick mars Fukushima nuclear plant plugging
9. The Intelligent Voter’s Guide to Global Warming (Part I)
10. The Intelligent Voter’s Guide to Global Warming (Part II)
11. Fukushima looked ugly but the alternative is so much worse
12. Its madness to sacrifice ourselves for nothing
13. Japan raises nuclear crisis rating to highest level
14. Fukushima fears ‘are inflated’
15. Nuclear fallout to hit rice planting

March (PDF)
1. Catastrophe clouds nuclear future
2. Even in earthquake zones, nuclear power is still a safe option
3. Fukushima meltdown is worst reactor accident for a decade
4. Plant leaks highlight ‘atomic energy risks’
5. Facing down the fear of fallout
6. Blind to real disaster, fearmongers go into their own meltdown
7. Fuel rods exposed at Fukushima nuclear plant
8. Damaged Fukushima power station to leak radioactive steam for months
9. Fukushima facts obscured in fog of misinformation
10. Crisis removes easy path to low-carbon world
11. Safety shadow cast over nuclear renaissance
12. Mistakes plagued corporate response
13. Here comes the high-cost sun
14. Japan shock wave engulfs pro-nukes
15. Minister’s uranium pitch fires up debate
16. Propaganda has no place in crisis
17. Leading green now backs nuclear power
18. Concern as seas off plant turn radioactive
19. Chernobyl: when truth went into meltdown
20. Vote for mother Earth gets dimmer by the hour
21. Japan’s high radiation data creates panic

February (PDF)
1. Particle physics’ big bang
2. Clive James on the day it rained all over the alarmists’ parade
3. Sun setting on European solar subsidies
4. Myth of green jobs is leading to industrial decline
5. Doubt over green energy’s clean bill of health
6. Business backs a ‘big’ Australia and nuclear energy
7. Lungs of the world choked by drought
8. Scientists connect global warming to extreme rain
9. Year proves climate sceptics wrong
10. La Nina, global warming to blame for floods
11. Chris de Freitas: Emotion clouding underlying science of global warming
12. Cold Jumps Arctic ‘Fence,’ Stoking Winter’s Fury

January (PDF)
1.Cancun repairs dialogue
2. Going in circles on climate change
3. Cancun marks a turning point
4. Political interference will cripple climate debate
5. Threat to polar bear put on ice
6. Anna Bligh opens door to nuclear power
7, Uranium industry claims nuclear attitudes are changing
8. Cancun deal puts climate action back on track
9. Too busy watching the climate
10. Doctors’ obligation to patient before planet
11. Global weather disasters a sign the heat is on
12. No need to go gaga over Gaia
13. Nuclear industry has no future, Mr Barnett