News & Media Log 2018

September 2018 - News

1. Solving the Electricity Trilemma with Nuclear Power, low cost, very low emissions and maximum reliability
2. Discovered: Optimal magnetic fields for suppressing instabilities in tokamaks
3. Steady as she goes: Scientists tame damaging plasma instabilities in fusion facilities
4. State-Of-The-Art Supercomputer Will Help Us Tackle Nuclear Fusion
5. Congress sends Trump energy spending bill that includes healthy boost for science
6. Breaking Symmetry for Stability
7. Separating the sound from the noise in hot plasma fusion
8. Celebrating the Heroes of Fusion Research: Q&A with an Award-Winning Filmmaker
9. Pushing the limit
10. Transatlantic partnership will strengthen MAST Upgrade project 
11. Discover the test facility of the ITER Pre-Compression Rings 
12. Crown of concrete and doors of steel at the ITER Tokamak complex 
13. UK and USA enhance nuclear research cooperation
14. Investment needed to maintain nuclear's growth, says IAEA 
15. Steady growth in nuclear generation continues

August 2018 - News   

1. David Gann named new UKAEA Chair
2. Energy Secretary Visits General Atomics
3. No more zigzags: Scientists uncover mechanism that stabilizes fusion plasmas
4. LLNL Fusion Scientists Receive Awards
5. Cryoplant equipment arrives at ITER Neutral Beam Test Facility
6. Winding is over for ITER’s sixth Poloidal Field coil
7. Antimatter seeks inspiration in fusion
8. Mirror image gives 'spectacular' view of JET's plasma 
9. Energy Secretary Rick Perry cheers on fusion energy, science education at PPPL
10. Workshop advances plans for coping with disruptions on international ITER facility
11. Newest supercomputer to help develop fusion energy in international device
12. Safety review sought for new Japanese reactor
13. Haiyang AP1000s reach commissioning milestones
14. Pickering relicensed to 2028
15. Fuqing 5 enters system commissioning phase
16. Call for UK government to back small nuclear projects
17. Turbine equipment installed at Leningrad II-2


July 2018 - News 

1. NIF achieves new fusion output milestone
2. Large batch of equipment delivered from Russia to France
3. India to host world's largest IAEA fusion energy conference
4. Amy Wendt envisions a bright renewable energy future for burning plasma
5. Project cuts turbulence to boost output from fusion reactors
6. India to Reboot Rs 235 Cr Superconducting Fusion Tokamak: 7 Things to Know
7. Knighthood in hand, astrophysicist prepares to lead U.S. fusion lab
8. Atomic Movie of Melting Gold Could Aid in Fusion Reactor Design
9. Cracking Nuclear Fusion with Supercomputers and Smart Code
10. German Nuclear Fusion Experiment Sets Records for Stellarator Reactor
11. Fusion energy: Making history
12. Wendelstein 7-X achieves world record
13. The mysterious fourth state of matter
14. European Master of Science Nuclear Fusion and Engineering Physics topranked by El Mundo
15. Nuclear Fusion Reactor in France 55 Percent Complete
16. Printing the parts for nuclear fusion
17. 10 Questions for Steven Cowley, New Director of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
18. Paper Reports on NIF Hydrodynamic Instability Studies
19. Small three-dimensional magnetic fields lead to big changes in fusion plasma turbulence


June 2018 - News

1. Faster nuclear fusion work
2. UK industry welcomes clarity on Euratom R&D
3. Scientists improve ability to measure electrical properties of plasma
4. Amy Wendt envisions a bright renewable energy future for burning plasma
5. SPIDER is switched on and produces its first plasma!
6. Magnum-PSI's time to shine
7. New PPPL Director Steve Cowley is honored with knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II
8. PPPL wins three awards for its environmental programs
9. Scientists from around the world come to New Jersey to discuss how to control plasma-surface interactions for fusion
10. Fusion energy and hidden symmetries
11. DIII-D National Fusion Facility Begins Transformation to Prepare for Future Reactors
12. Tracking the Causes of Energy Loss in NIF Implosions
13. Cooperation strengthens mining radiation protection
14. Ontario Power Generation starts rebuilding Darlington 2
15. IAEA launches challenge on materials for fusion
16. Steam generators in place at Hongyanhe 5
17. First yellowcake from seawater for US team


May 2018 - News

1. Will China beat the world to nuclear fusion and clean energy?
2. ITER disputes DOE’s cost estimate of fusion project
3. Massive Chinese fusion reactor parts end journey in France
4. Europe’s investment in the ITER fusion project: mastering the power of the sun and the stars
5. Fusion Research Ignites Innovation
6. Why fusion?
7. MIT Spin-off Faces Daunting Challenges on Path to Build a Fusion Power Plant in 15 Years
8. Europe is ready to switch on SPIDER - the most powerful negative ion source experiment to date
9. PPPL physicists to create new X-ray diagnostics for the WEST fusion device in France
10. JET restart ramps up with first test plasma
11. Whistling While You Work: Fusion Scientists Find Inspiration in Atmospheric Whistles
12. Zero Tolerance in Tokamaks: Eliminating Small Instabilities Before They Become Disruptions
13. Ghostly 'Lightning' Waves Discovered Inside a Nuclear Reactor
15. Steven Cowley named director of DOE’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
16. Positrons are shining brighter
17. Japanese utility seeks to start up new reactor
18. Floating plant arrives at Murmansk for fueling


April 2018 - News

1. Physicists decry cuts to inertial fusion program
2. PPPL-led research enhances performance of Germany’s new fusion device
4. Feds extend funding for nuclear fusion project, General Atomics breathes sigh of relief
5. S. Korea to send more scientists to int'l nuclear fusion reactor project: gov't
6. ITER nuclear fusion project avoids delays as U.S. doubles budget
7. Chirping is welcome in birds but not in fusion devices – scientists show that weak turbulence makes chirping more likely
8. From Earth’s depths to the stars, there’s good news for science in spending bill
9. Exel Composites and CNIM Collaborate on Glass Fibre
10. Will Brexit damage the UK's nuclear fusion prospects?
11. Italy picks Frascati for fusion test facility
12. Europe’s Investment in the ITER Fusion project: mastering the power of the sun and the stars
13. Fusion Research Ignites Innovation
14. Why fusion?
15. Why nuclear fusion is gaining steam – again
16. Fuel loading under way at Chinese EPR
17. Another Japanese unit resumes commercial operation  


March 2018 - News
1. Cray tapped to deliver largest supercomputer dedicated to fusion science in Japan by national institutes for quantum and radiological science and technology
2. The Guardian view on nuclear fusion: a moment of truth
3. Science Committee Seeks Renewed Commitment to Fusion Research
4. The New Atomic Age: Nuclear Fusion And Beyond
5. Halfway to reality
6. The Energy 202: Trump administration must decide whether to back the biggest nuclear fusion project ever
7. International nuclear fusion project seeks reversal of Trump budget cuts
8. 'The pathway to commercial fusion is the adventure which drives us all' - Howard Wilson on his return to Culham
9. Brexit threat to future of fusion
10. Fusion breakthroughs among highlights of the Department of Energy’s research milestones during the past 40 years
11. Tale of the atom tamers
12. Nuclear Fusion Powered by the Moon Could Solve Earth's Energy Problems
13. Spin-out of fusion robotics to health care and industry
14. Culham is key partner in new £1.2M ‘virtual qualification’ EPSRC Manufacturing Fellowship
15. UK firm sees year-end launch of pulsed power device
16. Ohi 3 reaches critical milestone in restart
17. Drifting and bouncing particles can help maintain stability in fusion plasmas
18. Big steps toward control of production of tiny building blocks
19. Meetings and Workshops



February 2018 - News

1. ITER Director-General, Bernard Bigot: “ITER is a global response to a global challenge”
2. Fusion power is coming
3. Nuclear fusion: the end of our energy problem?
4. US must stay part of ITER, warns panel
5. UKAEA launches National Fusion Technology Platform
6. Model predicts scenarios for energy generation using nuclear fusion
7. Nuclear fusion's clean energy dream meets budget reality — and San Diego's General Atomics sweats it out
8. UK committee concludes advice on Euratom exit
9. TAE Technologies pushes plasma machine to a new high on the nuclear fusion frontier
10. Meet the scientists who want to harness the power of the Sun
11. 50 years on, nuclear fusion still hasn’t delivered clean energy [Excerpt from the February 17, 1968 issue of Science News]
12. Will Brexit damage the UK's nuclear fusion prospects?
13. Green light for next Darlington refurbishment
14. Restart of Genkai 3 moves closer with fuel loading
15. Holtec and GEH team up on advancing SMR-160
16. Fusion breakthroughs among highlights of the Department of Energy’s research milestones during the past 40 years
17. Smooth sailing: PPPL develops an integrated approach to understand how to better control instabilities in an international fusion device
18. Lithium — it’s not just for batteries: The powdered metal can reduce instabilities in fusion plasmas
19. Integrated simulations answer 20-year-old question in fusion research
20. Looking ahead "The world community around fusion is expanding"
21. NFRI News | Vol. 18 January 2018 | Outstanding progress in KSTAR for RMP-driven, ELM-crash suppressions
22. Laser program at University of Rochester targeted for shutdown 


January 2018 - News 

1. Tianwan 3 starts supplying electricity to grid
2. First HTR-PM vessel head in place
3. Scientific panel urges US to stay in ITER
4. Six postdocs connect tokamak and stellarator
5. US withdrawal from ITER project may isolate US scientists
6. General Electric wins turbine contract for Paks II
7. UK committee says action needed on climate plan
8. EDF Energy expects 20% cost saving for Sizewell C
9. First borehole drilled in Canadian repository site search
10. Tepco surveys interior of unit 2 containment vessel
11. Compact Fusion: Are the Energy Equations About to Change?
12. The long wait for fusion power may be coming to an end