News & Media Log 2017

January 2017 – News
1. China one step closer to harnessing clean, limitless energy from nuclear fusion
2. China fires up Hineg generator in Hefei city with goal of making world’s strongest neutron beam using nuclear fusion technology
3. Financial crisis brings meltdown in Toshiba’s nuclear power plans
4. First plasma for WEST fusion reactor
5. Tokamak is ready to test ITER's internal components
8. First Hualong One dome takes shape
9. Construction milestones at new Chinese units
10. OPG submits geologic repository studies
11. China agrees further Russian fuel reloads for fast reactor
12. Worldwide nuclear capacity continues to grow in 2016
13. END OF BATTERIES: Huge breakthrough means you'll be able to charge your phone in SECONDS
14. China Aims to Spend at Least $360 Billion on Renewable Energy by 2020
15. Wales' first solar village just got its first tenants
16. Stellarator to be New Face of Fusion Reactors? Physicists Test Magnetic Field Potential
17. Shattering fusion records during the last months of 2016
18. Top 10 PPPL stories that you shouldn't miss
19. A new twist on fusion power could help bring limitless clean energy

February 2017 – News
1. Indian scientists exploiting healing powers of plasma
2. Has Metallic Hydrogen Been Achieved For The First Time?
3. NRG begins testing special steel for Iter
4. 5 Ground-breaking High-Tech Projects Underway in Rural France
5. A fusion fly-over
6. Hot topic: the future of fusion
7. Special Report: Technology & Society - Five technologies that will change how we live
8. Is Fusion Energy in Our Future?
9. Method for designing fusion experiments improved
10. Positive future for nuclear, Amano tells summit
11. Waste shipments to WIPP expected to resume soon
12. NuGen welcomes PM 'commitment' to Moorside
13. Poroshenko: Ukraine increasing nuclear share to 60%
14. EU, IAEA agree to bolster cooperation
15. US consortium calls for public-private SMR support
16. Europe to Lead Research Project for Energy Storage in Molten Silicon