Australian Fusion Strategy

Australian Fusion Strategy

The 2014 fusion science strategic plan. 

The fusion science strategic plan was launched on 10/07/2014 by the Convenor Hon. Assoc. Prof. Brian James from the University of Sydney at the upgrade launch of the Australian Fusion Science Research Facility at the ANU. This document was commissioned by the ANU, ANSTO, and the Australian ITER Forum on behalf of the Australian fusion science and engineering community. 

The plan, was prepared in 2012 and 2013 under the guidance of a committee consisting of Hon. Assoc. Prof. Brian James (Convenor), Dr Richard Garrett, Dr Barry Green, Assoc. Prof. Matthew Hole, Prof. John Howard and Prof. John O'Connor. In preparing this draft we have benefited from many discussions with members of the ITER Organisation and others from the international fusion community.

The new fusion strategic plan builds on the developments on the success of the 2007 fusion science strategic plan (hyperlink to 2007 plan).