Current Schools

December 12th to 14th, 2016: The SOKENDAI Asian Winter School 2016 will be held at Uniserv Chiang Mai University (Thailand). This will have some emphasis on Fusion Energy Developments and is dedicated for young students. The working language in the winter school is English.

The School will provide following lectures:

2 lectures in series on Experimental Study of Fusion Plasma,

2 lectures in series on Theoretical and Simulation Study of Fusion Plasma,

3 lectures in series on Fusion Reactor Engineering, and

2 lectures in series on Physics of Basic Plasma and its applications.


Registration will be opened in September 1st, 2016. Registration deadline will be closed in September 30th, 2016. Registration page on the web:

Past Schools

 5th East-Asia School and Workshop on Laboratory, Space, and Astrophysical Plasmas - August 17-22, 2015
POSCO International Center, POSTECH, Korea


IIS -2 2012 6th International School on RF Heating and Current Drive in Plasmas
Ahmedabad, INDIA during 2-6 Dec 2012
This school aims at preparing young researchers to tackle current and anticipated challenges in magnetic fusion devices, and spreading the global knowledge required for a timely and competent exploitation of the ITER Physics potential.
Dr. R. Ganesh / Dr. I. Bandyopadhyay Scientific Secretaries, IIS-2012
Institute for Plasma Research, Bhat, Gandhinagar 382 428, Gujarat (India)

Mini-school on Industrial and Fusion Plasmas - July 7 - 9, 2010
Research School of Physics and Engineering, ANU, Canberra
This minischool spanned fundamental plasma processes, plasma formation and heating of plasma suited for processing and propulsion through to the burning plasma physics of fusion power. A common theme across the school was the physics of wave-particle interactions for plasma formation and heating, the subsequent drive of resonant wave modes, and diagnostics that measure wave phenomena.
It is an exciting time for ANU plasma physics research, with growth in plasma theory and modelling research pursuits, and $7m investment into the Australian Plasma Fusion Research Facility. Participation in the mini-school provided exposure to an excellent range of research opportunities across the plasma science discipline, with feeders to plasma processing, plasma propulsion, and fusion energy projects. The skills developed at the mini-school are directly relevant to burning plasma physics for ITER, the next step fusion energy experiment - also the world's largest science experiment.

CEMRACS'10 - summer school and research session no "Numerical Modelling of Fusion" - July 19th to August 27th, 2010 
CIRM, Marseille, France
This scientific event of the SMAI consisted of two parts:
- a one week summer school, which is alson a SMF State of Research session on mathematics for ITER (July 19th-23rd)
- a five week research session (July 26th-August 27th)

22nd Canberra International Physics Summer School: Complex Physical, Biophysical and Econophysical Systems - 8 - 19 December, 2008
The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia